Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. THEREFORE, we never share or sell your Personal Information
with any third parties. Any information collected through this site is intended to be used only
for this transaction.

Duplication of Booking

Please note that will not be duplicated bookings allowed and will be automatically Canceled
by Lucio Rent a Car Miami.

Additional Information for Your Booking

If you drop off the car at a different location from your drop-off location. Or if you DO NOT
do the check out with Lucio’s Agent. You will be charge $ 500 fine.
There will be no refunds for returning the vehicle before the drop of date and time. 

48 hours after the vehicles is overdue it will be reported stolen and you will lose your deposit
No refund for early returns

No smoking in our VEHICLES. If so, you will be charged $150.00 to $200.00 fee

We are not responsible for tickets, including red lights or parking violations. (YOU ARE)

If you stain the interior of the vehicles there’s a fee of $125.00 You must pick up all the trash from the
vehicles before returning.

If there is an accident you mus give us a police report


Some Fees below may apply at the Pick-up (cost will be shown at the counter)

Road Tax
Vehicle License Fee
Airport Fee
Sun-pass Activation
Rental Car Surcharge

Rental includes

Size of vehicle requested price
Free Cancelation or Modification

Drivers Age

The minimum driver’s age requirement is 25 years, and the maximum age is 70 years.

Driver’s License

Driver must present a full and valid driving license which has been held for a minimum of 1
year with no major endorsements. A valid ID card and passport would be required at time of
pick up. No photocopy or digital copy will be accepted.
The only person(s) authorized to drive our vehicles are the person(s) whose name, license number, and date of birth have been entered by us on the contract.

Underage charges and restrictions will apply to all additional drivers.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is NOT included in the rental amount. The following insurance type (s)
Supplemental Liability insurance (SLI) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), theft waiver
(THW), Third Party Liability (TPL)

CDW does not cover broken windows, windshield, convertible top, tires, hub cap, scratches, or any damage caused by renter negligence, nor is it covered by the rental company.

Insurance is accepted only if issued in USA.

USA. The renter will be required.

To purchase TPL/ CDW at the rental desk in order to take the vehicle. Liability of
USD 1.000,000.00 is required.

Insurance is accepted only if issued in the USA. company is State Farm, Liberty
Mutual, Geico, Progressive, All-State, USAA, Infinity, Farmers.

Provide DECLARATION PAGE with a Liability per Accident of $1.000.000 that it is
valid for at least 3 Weeks before the pickup date, or you can purchase insurance with us!!! 

Credit card insurance is NOT accepted. Please check at the rental desk for more
information, you contact us 

Prepaid Toll Service

Prepaid tolls are available. If the customer declines Toll pass/E-toll device I DECLINE the
use of the SUN PASS and the customer pass through a toll during my rental period, I will be
charge for a PENALTY of $50.00 plus administration fee and taxes. This will be taken from
the credit card on file.

Roadside Assistance
Relevant contact details and roadside assistance procedures will be given prior to the
purchase of the Road Assistance Services of the hire.

Fuel Policy

The vehicle will be supplied AS IS you must bring the fuel level has, we give it to you.
Otherwise, missing fuel will be charged on your return. Fuel charges are payable at the rental
desk at the checkout.

Mileage Policy

Local Renters: Local Florida Residents have 90 miles per day for their rental period.
Unlimited Mileage purchase is available for an additional fee.

Domestic Renters: Residents from another state that it is not Florida it is considered
Domestic Renters. Domestic Renters have 90 miles per day for their rental period. Unlimited
Mileage purchase is available for an additional fee.

International Renters: Only Non-US residents or without a US driver’s License will have
unlimited miles are included in their rental period. 

There will be a 50 dollar additional charge for each mille.

Cross Border Travel

Cross-border travel IS NOT allowed. If so, the customer will lose the security deposit.

Tax Rate

Tax is included in the rental price but not in the reservation cost.

Payment Methods for the Rental

The following Credit Cards and Debit card such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover –
are accepted and must be on main driver’s name while paying at the rental desk.

Cash payments are allowed at the front desk in the moment of pick up the rental of the
vehicle only.

Security Deposit

Deposit is a security sum of money to be in Pre Authorization / taken from the main driver’s
credit card at pick-up, if there are no damages to the car, at the time of the drop-off and
checkout your deposit is refunded. Please be informed that it will take up to 20 business days
to have this amount back in your account depending on your bank.

Credit cards are required to cover the deposit and must be valid to the minimum for the
following month from start of rental. The credit card to be accepted for the security deposit
must have a $500 US Dollar available amount at the moment of pick up.

A refundable deposit of USD 500 is held from the credit card at the time of rental until 20
business days after the checkout date of the vehicle.

Delivery and Collection

Delivery and Collection service is available.

Pick up Instructions

 We provide car delivery services and also offer pick-up services for customers at the airport. Additionally, we ensure to drive the customer back to the airport once they return the car.

Shuttle Free

We provide pick -up and drop-off service in Miami Internation Airport and for Lauderdale

Booking Lead Time

24 hrs minimal time to confirm.

Out of Hours

We are open 24/7

Period of Rental

Minimum 3 days, maximum 28 days

All reservations must be placed 24 hrs in advance.


Cancelation is free.

Extras available ask for pricing at the counter

Unlimited Miles (this does not apply for international customers)
Road Assistance
WI-FI in the vehicle
SIM Cards
Child Seat

Confirmation of Special Equipment depends upon the availability at the rental desk.

Drop-Off Instructions – Checkout

At the moment of check out the customer must do the checkout of the vehicle ONLY with a
Lucio Car Rental’s Agent (the personal must be identified with a tag that works for Lucio Car Rental.)
At the Drop-off date and time indicated on the contract, an inspection will take place on Lucio
Car Rental location, indicated also in the contract. The checkout of the vehicle will finish at the
counter, after this, the customer will be guided to the shuttle to the Miami International Airport
if it is needed.